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CR4 4-Piston Caliper

The ProdigyWerks CR4 4-Piston Caliper is the ultimate entry level solution to upgrade and replace your factory single slider caliper without full scale conversions.   This particular caliper is designed to direct bolt-on and replace your factory caliper to incorporate with your existing factory OE rotors/discs.  With this new age break-thru design, the CR4 features four 38mm pistons (14.05 in² piston area per axle) which delivers 25,290lbf clamping force at 1800 psi on each caliper.  Factory OE single slider calipers typically features only one single piston slider caliper which delivers approx. 12000lbf to 15000lbf at 1800 psi.

Product Specifications:

  • Caliper Size: 225mm L x 140mm W x 80mm H

  • Caliper Body Construction: 2-Halves

  • Caliper Body Material: 6061-T6 Forged 

  • Piston Sizes: Ø 38mm x 4

  • Piston Material: 6061-T6 Billet

  • Piston Style: Regular

  • Piston Finish: Type III Hard Anodized

  • Weight Per Caliper: +/- 2250g (Without Pads) 

  • Dust Boot: Interior

  • Oil Line: Exterior

  • Min. to Max Disc Size: Ø 280mm (11") to Ø 340mm (13.4") Diameter

  • Min. to Max Disc Thickness: 22mm to 30mm

  • Brake Pad Sizes: CR4-50D = 110mm L x 69.5mm H x 50mm D | CR4-55D = 120mm L x 71.5mm H x 55mm D

  • Caliper Finish: Anodized

  • Available Colors: Anodized Red, Sapphire Blue, Energy Green (Powder Coated), Deep Gunmetal.

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