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FC4 4-Piston Caliper

The ProdigyWerks FC4 Caliper is a 4-piston caliper that is designed, engineered, machined and built for performance vehicles.  This particular caliper has an unique attitude appearance and features four 38mm pistons on each caliper which delivers decent clamping power over factory calipers anytime.  The issue with factory brakes is always the calipers, they are floating with usually only ONE large piston and small brake pad size, thus small braking surface. This kit replaces the inferior factory calipers with our 4-Piston Caliper kit that will improve pedal modulation and stopping performance significantly.

Product Specifications:

  • Caliper Size: 240mm L x 157.50mm W x 80mm H

  • Caliper Body Construction: 2-Halves

  • Caliper Body Material: 6061-T6 Forged Extrusion

  • Piston Sizes: Ø 38mm x 4

  • Piston Material: 6061-T6 Billet

  • Piston Style: Vented

  • Piston Finish: Type III Hard Anodized

  • Weight Per Caliper: +/- 2450g (Without Pads) 

  • Dust Boot: Exterior

  • Oil Line: Exterior

  • Min. to Max Disc Size: Ø 300mm (12") to Ø 370mm (14.57") Diameter

  • Min. to Max Disc Thickness: 28mm to 34mm

  • Brake Pad Sizes: 131.6mm L x 67.1mm H x 17mm W (D 52mm)

  • Caliper Finish: Type III Hard Anodized + / Powder Paint Coated

  • Available Colors: Milano Red, Sports Yellow, Stealth Black, Endurance Orange.

The FC4 4-Piston Caliper is mainly focused on 330mm x 32mm disc size for front kit as well as 356mm disc size rear kit for some vehicle application with rear disc/drums brake system.   The rear kits features 3-piece design 356mm x 30mm floating discs with built-in iron rings.

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