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Prodigywerks Piston Seals

Replacement of the caliper piston for your existing Prodigywerks Caliper.

-  Available in CR4, FC4, AD6/FS6 and T1R caliper pistons kits

*Note:  This item sold by kits.



Includes complete caliper pistons kit for your specific variant.

- CR4 Standard (8 pcs.)

- CR4 Extended (8 pcs.)

- FC4 Vented (8 pcs.)

- AD6/FS6 Vented (12 pcs.)

- FS6 T1R - Aluminum, Hyper Vented (12 pcs.)

- FS6 T1R - GR5 Titanium, Hyper Vented (12 pcs.)

Prodigywerks Caliper Pistons

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