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Submit your own designs
This project requires 2D or 3D cad files of your very own.  There will be a minimum order quantity for manufacturing requirement, the quantity will depend on the nature of the submitted project(s).  Please submit projects within our guidlelines, in most cases we can produce almost any type of parts that are made as follows;
  • CNC Parts (Inlcudes Standard CNC, Turning CNC, 3 Axis, 4 Axis and 5 Axis CNC)
  • Rapid Injection Mold Parts (For Plastic Parts ie, ABS, PC, PP etc.)
  • Fiber Glass Parts
  • Silicone / Rubber Parts
  • Forged / Cast Parts
  • Stamped Parts
  • Carbon Fiber Mold Parts (Standard CF or RCF)
Note: Type of files extentions that are compatiable with us: sldprt file, step file, pro-e file, pdf file, ai file, dwg file, dxf file.iges file.

File Upload:

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