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AD6 6-Piston Caliper - Vented Pistons Upgrade

May 21st, 2017

This is an upgrade from your early version of AD6 which does not come with Vented Pistons.  Vented Pistons has a reduced surface contact with the brake pads, thus reduces thermal transfers to your caliper.  If you already have the latest version of vented pistons, you do not need this upgrade.  This is for AD6 6-Piston Caliper only.


AD6 Vented Pistons Upgrade (38mm x 4, 32mm x 4, 27mm x 4) - US$150.00

Add Brake Seals! (38mm x 4, 32mm x 4, 27mm x 4) - US$45.00

Add Dust Boots! (38mm x 4, 32mm x 4, 27mm x 4) - US$120.00

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